At Home With The Andersens.  Dave and Jackie Andersen devote an evening to share their thoughts and feelings about Meghan, Tyler and the Kayenta community… baby Maddon makes his debut as well.

Here’s the story:

Jackie called Meghan one afternoon and simply asked her if she worked on Sundays.  Meghan said yes.  Then the journey began.  Dave and Jackie came down for 2 days to preview some existing homes under $200K.  They figured a quick, second home purchase was what they wanted.  But after little discussion, Meghan knew where to take them.


What Meg had to say:

Kayenta suited Dave and Jackie for so many reasons, but the ultimate reason was their desire for a view of the red mountains.  There is no better view of the red mountains than that of a great lot in Kayenta.  Every home in Kayenta is designed lot specific- meaning you can’t just slap a floor plan on a lot and go with it.  The homes are designed around the views… that is why it works for people wanting a view.  I sold many lots and many homes in Kayenta, and I knew that this was the place for them.  As far as how the process went, we picked a lot, picked a view, and started the design process.  During all of that, we just really created an amazing relationship.  Dave and Jackie will always have a special place in my heart.  I love them like crazy.”

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