Colin Dockstader isn’t just a local- he is the local that we all think of being… the one who grew up with Zion in their backyard.  This magical childhood has led to a guy we get to call one of ours now. We are going to be really honest here… Colin is someone we have been watching for a while.  He sticks out in a crowd of agents around here because he markets himself, his clients, and his listings with class.  So when the message came in from Colin saying he wanted to talk to us, we were, quite simply, excited.  Colin, we are honored that you were intrigued by us and our efforts, and you truly are an asset to our BAHU family and anyone who hires you to represent them.  We are so excited to work with you, and get to know you and your family.  CHEERS buddy!

Meghan and Tyler




“From the moment I walked in the door of the BAHU office I instantly felt like this was exactly the place I have been looking for.  Finding a team of people engaged in the real estate industry that see things the way I do was a great feeling and after spending a relatively short amount of time with Meghan and Jared I knew I was home.  Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to engage in new relationships that not only feel right but are just meant to be.  This team carries a perspective on real estate that sometimes gets lost in translation and that is the understanding that we truly care about our clients no matter what the situation is and we are willing go above an beyond.  Helping people buy, sell, and invest in real estate isn’t about getting deals done but rather about building relationships through trust and dedication so that if for some reason we weren’t friends before a transaction we definitely will be after.  Add to all of that a great brand platform and professional marketing design and you have one of the best brokerages available in Utah.” -Colin


I was born and raised in Rockville and Springdale and literally grew up surrounded by Zion National Park which is something I will always revel in and never take for granted.  I truly enjoy our amazing temperate climate with short winters and the many days of bright blue skies.  But above all of the things I love about Southern Utah it would have have to be the people we get to call friends and neighbors, without the great culture we have here all of the natural beauty wouldn’t seem as vibrant and colorful.

Give Colin a call if you are looking to buy or sell in Utah.  435-619-4609 |

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