One of the things that I enjoy the most in the spring is having a picnic. I’m a big fan of fresh air, good food, and quality time! Here in Southern Utah, the spring is a wonderful time to take advantage of that subtle warm breeze and sunshine. I thought it would be fun to have a non traditional picnic and have a pizza picnic, plus it’s quick and easy. I don’t think my kiddos can say no to sunshine and pizza. These days in Saint George, there are new places to eat popping up all the time, so naturally I had to check out the new pizza joint called Pizzeria Limone. If your feeling gourmet wood fire oven pizza, then this is the place! Yummy!

So we grabbed a blanket, some food, and headed over to one of our favorite parks. Vernon Worthen Park is centrally located in Saint George and is a great place for a picnic (tons of grass space). Sometimes you gotta just drop what you’re doing, go outside, breath some fresh air, and eat pizza! By living in the moment we are appreciating the day, and by actively seeking the little things and joys in life, they will fill your heart.

I’m a believer in adventure and discovering your surroundings, even if that adventure is as simple as having a picnic out in your backyard. I have found that you grow, you learn, and truly love where you live by doing so. Here at Be @ Home Utah, you will find my local adventures with my little duo and I hope it will inspire you to get outside and enjoy your surroundings.

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