Close your eyes…imagine not having a warm meal for a few days, a few months, or even a few years.  Now… think about what it would be like to have a warm home cooked meal…makes your mouth water doesn’t it?  We introduce to you the beginning of Momma’s Kitchen.

Momma’s Kitchen is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to provide hungry Washington County residents with a hot, healthy, nutritious and delicious organic dinner; regardless of income, race, religious belief or gender.  Founder, Elizabeth Davila describes Momma’s Kitchen as “(We are) a 21st Century Soup Kitchen & Restaurant with a Twist.  We have created a concept where the traditional soup kitchen of receiving food and the traditional restaurant are combined.  We truly can be defined as a Community Kitchen & Restaurant.”

Elizabeth is very passionate about this, and wants people to unite and make a difference.

What you need to know is this- Momma’s Kitchen needs our help.  There will be no Momma’s Kitchen without community involvement, both financially and physically.  “We need donations and volunteers!” exclaims Elizabeth.  “Momma’s Kitchen is still in the fund raising phase, so please visit our GoFundMe to donate.”

Hey Elizabeth, we will be there to help when you need us! -Tyler & Meghan, Be At Home Utah.

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