A big heart led to our clean up efforts at Gunlock … Our own Tony “Gator” Engel and his beautiful wife, Tierra, blasted social media with horrible images of careless littering from the past weekend where Gunlock Falls looked like a rave, made headlines, and was covered in trash.  Not a second went by before Tony and the BAHUCREW decided to do something about it.

Our community showed up with smiling faces and great attitudes.  Colleagues and Facebook friends shared the invite to clean up Gunlock and it went viral.

We received generous donations from Hurst Ace Hardware and Johnson Pediatric Dentistry to get the job done.  Brandon and Becky Staples of Sun American Mortgage arrived with boxed of doughnuts and bottled water for the volunteers.

Tony has created a public Facebook group to support keeping our outdoor recreation clean and beautiful.  Please join us in a cause we all benefit from.

Special thanks to everyone.

Photography courtesy of Rocco Falzone, cool guy, BAHU contributor, & photographer.

We work together, we play together, we support our community together.