Greg Turner of Turner Designs has been designing buildings and homes in the area for over a decade. He is great to work with and is very responsive to clients needs. 

He has an efficient process of designing homes and has developed a cool style of architecture focused on spatial relationships and value engineering.  Greg definitely knows how to make an artistic impression.  It’s something I appreciate… as do my friends and colleagues.  So much so that our own Tyler and Meghan have hired him.  Greg, you’re welcome.

Greg is not only a talent but a client and a friend.  I was truly honored to represent him with his personal real estate endeavors… we had a good time through the process and I am ecstatic to call myself his Realtor.  


I have spent plenty of personal time with Greg, finding him to have a very pleasant sense of humor as well as a knack for coming up with really funny nicknames. I love him.

-Micah Thompson, REALTOR®

Photos: Meghan Irvin

“If you are in the market for an architect with a sense of savvy style and care, give me a call and I’ll make it happen.” – Micah 435-619-4315