We love Be Hot Yoga & you should to.

Be Hot Yoga in St George Utah offers a truly unique experience for all levels and all ages… because here is the kicker; they are more than a yoga class.  With multiple studios, sexy design elements, killer views of southern Utah, and a relaxing lounge full of must-haves, Be Hot Yoga is one-of-a-kind.

We had the opportunity to speak with JT Brown, the co-founder, marketing director, yoga instructor, and all around awesome dude at Be Hot Yoga.  Without too many specific questions, we asked JT to just talk to us and share his story.  He had a lot of awesome things to say about southern Utah, yoga, instructors, and guests.  Bottom line is this… He loves what he does and he loves that it is in St. George.

Be Hot Yoga isn’t just yoga… they offer hot yoga, prenatal yoga, bootcamps, pilates, barre, private instruction, smiles, friendships, conversation, and much, much, more.  They even have a class with candle light.  BE University, which is an exclusive Yoga Teacher Training program, is a gem and is a very sought after certification.

Well done Be Hot, well done.

Be Hot Yoga info can be found here :   instagram | facebook | schedule | location

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