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Fall is here

When you think of fall, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  You’ve got the start of cooler weather, leaves changing, family traditions, football, holidays, and all those warm cozy feelings… right?  So many things come to mind when you think of Fall.  Mostly, it reminds me of family and being at home.

White Rock Trail

Summer is here… and I’m officially dying of heat, but really… it’s SUMMER!! yay!  This just means I get to squeeze extra time with my littles for more adventures.  I recently discovered a hike out in Snow Canyon State Park called White Rock Trail, I’ve taken my kiddos a few times already and I recommend […]

Evening Ride

As summer starts approaching, the days get warmer and the evenings become a perfect time for little outings…especially in the summer where the days get really hot, but the nights are great way to end the day.  The sun sets late and you can beat the heat a little by enjoying the last of your […]

A Pizza Picnic

  One of the things that I enjoy the most in the spring is having a picnic. I’m a big fan of fresh air, good food, and quality time! Here in Southern Utah, the spring is a wonderful time to take advantage of that subtle warm breeze and sunshine. I thought it would be fun […]