As summer starts approaching, the days get warmer and the evenings become a perfect time for little outings…especially in the summer where the days get really hot, but the nights are great way to end the day.  The sun sets late and you can beat the heat a little by enjoying the last of your day outside.  We take full advantage of our warmer evenings, plus what better way to say goodnight then to run your kiddos out of energy right before bed ;).

Me and my littles made for an impromptu bike ride on the Virgin River Trail.  Here in Saint George there are many bike trails you can take, making for an enjoyable evening ride or walk.  Some of the trails take you from one side of town to the other.  You will find both paved or naturally surfaced trails and mostly all leveled.  They are great for riding, walking, or taking your dog.

Anytime we have a little outing there is always an opportunity to learn something.  Besides laughing and playing with them, I enjoy taking moments to teach.  Our bike ride was all about rules of the road and being mindful of others…for us, adventure is all about growth.  This summer we will be all about growth and getting those training wheels off!

I hope you find ways this summer to take advantage of the warm evenings, by getting out and exploring. Happy Trails!

Be Home, Be Safe & #belocalwithshan










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