How To Spend A Day At the park with puppies

Be At Home Utah loves to get outside and enjoy the amazing weather that Southern Utah has to offer... and with Spring FINALLY here, we have just the right idea.... here are a few pointers on how to spend a day at the park... with puppies!   There…

be at home utah | happy 2016

Our must have list for this New Year's Eve is here.... take a look.  Intoxicate yourself with the fun the night brings, but be safe.  Then give us a call when you are ready to buy or sell your home, because that is what we do.... and we do…

How To Prep For Christmas...

Holidays are obviously a big deal for us... here we share some of the things we do to prep for the mother of all holidays... Christmas.  Happy Holidays from all of us here at Be At Home Utah!

be local | be hot yoga

We love Be Hot Yoga & you should to. Be Hot Yoga in St George Utah offers a truly unique experience for all levels and all ages... because here is the kicker; they are more than a yoga class.  With multiple studios, sexy design elements,…

How To Prep for Thanksgiving

be at home utah  We like to mix a little traditional and untraditional elements for our Thanksgiving spices things up and and let's us have a good time. From all of us at Be At Home Utah.... Happy Thanksgiving!

At Home with The Andersens

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At Home With The Andersens.  Dave and Jackie Andersen devote an evening to share their thoughts and feelings about Meghan, Tyler and the Kayenta community... baby Maddon makes his debut as well. Here's the story: Jackie called Meghan…

1488 Maze Circle Dammeron Valley Utah 84783

1488 Maze Circle Dammeron Valley Utah 84783.  The drive home sets the tone for what you experience when you walk in the front door of this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home.  Seriously quiet, seriously relaxing, and seriously for sale.…