Monday Blues – Bad Photos


Monday Blues – Bad Photos…We are in a day in age where we all judge a book by it’s cover.  We won’t try a meal if it doesn’t look appealing.  We won’t walk into a store without it looking interesting.  We aren’t attracted to someone unless we find that someone… keyword here… attractive.  So why do real estate agents fall short on actually marketing their listings?

Horrible listing photos will destroy the listing.  End of story.

Here is an amusing thing- when your listing agent becomes a photographer…you can be a self proclaimed real estate photographer, fine.  But if that means timestamps, reflections, pictures of messy closets, weird angles, fuzziness, and seeing the toilet seat up, then you are no photographer.  You have a commission coming should you earn it by marketing and exposing that listing to everyone looking- so why not fork up the few hundred bucks and be able to offer your client someone of value?

Yet new listings hit the market daily that look like my 2 month old took the photos.   It’s really not the listing agents fault- it is the fault of the homeowner.  Settle for less gets you a listing that doesn’t sell.  Sounds like a winner.

This angle is guaranteed going to make buyers want to look at this house.  Is this a Craigslist ad for the chairs? #fail

The living room looks even better. #priorities

There are numerous reasons why we should list your home, and great photography is just one of those reasons. Contact us to talk about listing your home.

Monday Blues is a sarcastic column on real estate faux pas written exclusively by Be At Home Utah. 

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