How To Make A Cactus Garden

Making a little succulent cactus garden is a lot easier than you think… just press play and see for yourself. Read more

How To Prep For Christmas…


Holidays are obviously a big deal for us… here we share some of the things we do to prep for the mother of all holidays… Christmas.  Happy Holidays from all of us here at Be At Home Utah!

Thanksgiving Printables

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I was on the hunt for something fun for the “kids table” for Thanksgiving.  My girlfriend, easy e, tagged me on an Instagram post with the most amazing addition to our Thanksgiving ever…. these printable placemats-turned-wall-art.  And for under $40, you can transform your dining room wall into a great gallery of Thanksgiving themed posters. Read more

How To Prep for Thanksgiving


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We like to mix a little traditional and untraditional elements for our Thanksgiving preparation…it spices things up and and let’s us have a good time.

From all of us at Be At Home Utah…. Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Prep For Halloween

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It’s the beginning of Fall, which brings us to the holiday countdown.  We decided to help out this year and provide you all with some excellent tips on how to prep for Halloween… at least this is how we do it.

From our home to yours…. enjoy.

Meghan and Tyler

At Home with The Andersens

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At Home With The Andersens.  Dave and Jackie Andersen devote an evening to share their thoughts and feelings about Meghan, Tyler and the Kayenta community… baby Maddon makes his debut as well. Read more